Go West in London Town

While the title is a famous phrase used in the mid 19th-century USA to encourage Westward expansion, it might also be something worth thinking about if you are staying in a Hyde Park hotel. London to the west of you has plenty to offer.

Many business or recreational visitors to London tend to, understandably, gravitate toward the areas known as The City or the West End. The City is a square mile occupying, roughly, the area of ​​the old Roman city of Londinium and its medieval successors. It is famous for being one of the world's primary financial centers and also is rich in historical attractions such as St. John's. Paul's and the Tower of London. The West End originally grew up around what was once the separate city of Westminster and is now best known for being the center of the British government and the home of London's shopping and entertainment scene.

Yet, fantastic as these areas are, if you are in a Hyde Park hotel, London's west has its own wonderful attractions and, with public transport on your doorstep, you will be well-positioned to explore them and the surrounding countryside.

For example, a short journey to the west of the city will take you to Hampton Court Palace. This is a fantastic Tudor Palace that, contrary to some misconceptions, was not built by Henry VIII in the 16th century, but actually by one of his chief ministers. Being popular with Henry was a very transitory affair, and as his fortunes dismissed, the minister concerned his possession of palace and grounds to the King in what proved to be a futile effort to retain favor. If you wish to step back into the Tudor period, the palace is well worth a visit.

If you would like a quick taste of the rather unique English suburban life, you may wish to pay a short visit to beautiful Richmond. Sitting on the banks of The Thames (which this far upstream is a less less intimidating river than it is in the center of London), it is home to a charming collection of buildings and shops. The region somehow manages to retain a warm country atmosphere while remaining part of the London conurbation.

If you are staying in a Hyde Park hotel, London and the surrounding areas to the west also offer other unique places to visit. You may wish to try Kew Gardens (The Royal Botanic Gardens). There is simply not space enough here to describe the wonders of the plant life in this huge area though, of course, some attractions may be seasonal. Also well worth a visit is Chiswick House – this is a beautiful early 18th century neoclassical property which also has some incredible and world-famous gardens and plant life to discover

With a stay in a Hyde Park hotel, London and the attractions of the west are easily reached by the excellent public transport services. Of course, remember that not all sites may be open regular hours, so check with your local hotel staff to confirm the opening hours of the destination you are considering.

Source by Roberta Stuart


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