13 Essential Programming Tools for the Mobile Web

Building mobile apps is not a piece of cake. You have to go through the selection of programming tools for mobile devices that eventually turn out to be a dilemma. Whether the commercial industry of iPhone be profitable over Android or not? Like, the possibility of targeting Android users for they may get a lot of business because of their majority, there could be many more challenges that may come around. In such circumstances, one must not get stuck but make efforts to get a quirky solution instantly.

The curious minded developers build out their opportunities in the form of mobile tools and libraries to target the entire mobile market. Following are a few programming tools that best android apps developers have developed to meet the mobile app projects’ needs these days.

1. Jo

Basically, a variety of JavaScript functions are collaborated to make it helpful in building mobile apps that are card-oriented. By arranging this compilation all these functions, Jo makes all the widgets look great on-screen. The used codes on big function calls are fit together to accumulate other function parts and then combine them all together to form a big part collectively.

2. jQTouch

It is taken as one of the leading programming tools ever. It is not just easier said, but also mobile web developers have determined its usefulness. While using the programming tool, all apps are built with the addition of HTML into DIVS. While seeking out the right classes, jQTouch then analyzes the DIVs and inputs its private code for controlling events. Indeed, a lot of developers consider it an easy and quick tool for building mobile applications.

3. LimeJS

For the assistance of mobile web developers to use WebGL objects, LimeJS was created that is also a part of HTML5. In this tool, JavaScript code is also used with a very similar to structure C. Plus, your gain reaches to the library of OpenGL too. For your projects, it is one of the modernized programming tools that you must consider. In the end, the end-result (application) uploads much faster, as the tool is developed for those working for OpenGL structures.

4. ChocolateChip-UI

It is a kind of tool that allows you to build a very effective HTML mobile app. Precisely, the underlying code is tagged with WAML ((Web Application Markup Language) by the developer. it is a markup language that is built on HTML 5. the easiest works are done through WAML tags and after that turn into the pure HTML 5 when switched to the smartphone.

5. jDrop

Another amazing programming tool that was designed to assist in organizing the performance data between different devices for the better analysis. The tool turns out to be very helpful for extracting the feedback of performances from devices. Plus, you get a mobile pref bookmarklet for having all the required feedback.

6. The M-Project

With its assembling with jQuery mobile, the programming tool comes forward with a set of widgets. An MVC pattern is followed to structure the codes with the M-Project programming tool. As it is very simple to put up a large JSON structure that will tag all those widgets that fit in the pages. The layout and also the behavior of your applications are taken care by it then.

7. Zepto

A bit different from conventional programming tools, Zepto doesn’t layout any widgets for its users. You can make the most out of its amazing features that find elements, attach classes, and help in operating the DOM. One of the best thing or you can say the wow-element of the tool is its miniscule size.

8. Sencha Touch

The programming tool is a bit similar to Jo. With the help of this tool, you are able to make web development tasks a lot simpler and easier as the library framework operates for desktop websites too. The framework is particularly responsible for the layout decisions enabling you to produce the maximum outcome of your work.

9. Touchqode

With the use of Touchqode, you are allowed to run scripts locally and also sync them through FTP. the programming tool highlights and complete all the features that are found in desktop IDE automatically. You don’t need to compose whole novels while on the go, but only with a few keystrokes of Touchqode, you are done with creating some lines of occasional code.

10. XUI

It is a programming tool that just started with the idea of HTML and CSS. Not only that, but also it displays most of the things that are pretty much good enough. They are so that one might want to display and offer help through establishing and making adjustments with the DOM.

11. PhoneGap

When you use the most successful and the biggest open source frameworks, you are allowed to write JavaScript, HTML, and CSS with a very modest collection for routines. The only goal is to build the same JavaScript, HTML, and also CSS that may work on some major platforms such as Blackberry, iOS, and Android.

12. Sensa Touch

Another big programming tool that was built by a rapidly growing company, offering regular web pages’ frameworks. For the purpose of maintaining the open source forum and answering the questions for different users, a development team is available always.

13. MobI

It is one of a kind tool providing help to build WebKit-based mobile applications. So if you are searching for a framework, you don’t need to struggle with JavaScript, HTML, or CSS because all of your instructions are written directly in MobI using this tool. Simply select all of your instructions and the tool will help you out further.


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