How To Have A Beautiful Garden At Home?

Find an area in your home where the sun’s rays strike for a longer time. Even if it is a partial shade, you will need your garden to receive UV rays. Select areas with a nearby water intake. It will provide greater comfort and practicality during irrigation. In addition, it will saves your precious time. Check the ground that has optimum drains of water.

If you plan to make your garden indoors without drainage, water then put trays under the pots. This way you will collect the excesses of water.

Consider that the area adjacent to your garden will discolor a little, due to the constant work of irrigation, pruning, transplants and subscribers. Therefore, we suggest fixing it with decorative pieces. Lean on vases of recyclable materials so you do not exceed expenses. Reinforce the eye-catching and attractiveness of your garden by combining sherds of different proportions, shapes and colors.

Depending on the size you want and the place you have for it, you can do it vertically or horizontally. The horizontal is the typical garden with the pots clustered in the ground, while the vertical group them in several levels. The latter will help you much more to take advantage of the space. You can place it on the wall of your terrace or on the roof. Even in the kitchen it looks splendid.

What materials can be used to create a garden?

Drawers and antique wardrobes are some of the alternatives. If they are made of wood, you can cover them with plastic bags before emptying the soil. The drawers used for fruit have a lot of versatility. They are easy to move, you can place them in piles and they will help you to differentiate the different species that you cultivate.

By their proportions, the pallets allow you to plant all kinds of vegetables in them. The ease of finding them makes them very attractive. They can be found in wood or plastic.

Do you have lanterns in disuse at home? Use them to plant your groceries. You will see how decorative and practical they are.

Choosing the right soil and compost

For the urban gardens, the land that is normally used to cultivated. However, if it is clayey we recommend combining it with herbs materials. It will be easy to find it in your favorite florist.

On the other hand, you can create and apply a homemade fertilizer. The easiest way is to recycle household waste. Among its benefits, you will find the saving of resources, as well as the promotion of a greener lifestyle. Your bushes will grow healthy and vigorous, while minimizing organic waste from your floor.

Finishing the details

So far, you have chosen the space for your urban garden, the orientation you will have, as well as the type of land and the compost you need. However, some aspects are missing to know. For example, there is an infinite variety of plants among which you can choose. The most recommended are those in season. They will demand less care during their cultivation, with excellent results. In addition, you will be saving in light and water, because the weather will play in your favor.

Make an integral garden combining flowers, vegetables, and fragrant plants. It prefers those that have repellent effects. They will serve as a natural protection for your crop. Before choosing a type of plant, find out about its type of reproduction, frequency of irrigation, propensity to diseases among others.  Also, check for best garden tools that you need most. Are you ready to start this ecological and relaxing adventure?


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