Create a Lifetime Memory with a Christmas Ornament Tradition

When my first child was born, my mother-in-law started a Christmas ornament tradition in our family that has been a special treat for all of my children. She has carried on this tradition for the last 24 years creating a tradition that my children adore.

Christmas Ornament Tradition

Each and every year, without fail, my mother-in-law has bought each of her eight grandchildren a special Christmas tree ornament. She began this tradition with her very first grandchild and has been faithful to it every year since.

Of course, the ornaments have changed throughout the years. In the beginning, the ornaments were more colorful including cartoon and Disney characters as well as unique Christmas ornaments that might feature the grandchild’s current sport or favorite activity, but the tradition remains the same.

How does she manage this with eight grandchildren? Every year she begins watching for sales of Christmas ornaments. She might find them on Black Friday or she may have to wait for the day after Christmas sales. Either way, she is diligent in finding great sales on ornaments and scoops up the ornaments for each child along with some great prices.

She saves the ornaments she buys until Thanksgiving the following year, and the tradition is for every grandchild to open their Christmas ornament from her on Thanksgiving Day. This begins the excitement of the holiday season for the children not to mention that each grandchild now has a collection of wonderful Christmas ornaments of their very own.

When each of my children grows and leaves home, their special Merry Christmas ornament collection goes with them. Using this collection they begin Christmas decorating in their own homes and will have memories of their grandmother that will last them their entire lifetime.

Start this ornament tradition with the birth of the first child with parents being the giver of the ornaments. Or if you have a great mother or mother-in-law, perhaps she can start the Christmas ornament tradition herself.


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